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How to Save as PDF in Google Chrome Mobile?

Saving web page as PDF is necessary for each one of us. You must have learnt how to save PDF in mobile version Google Chrome. In computer, it is very easy that you can print out using shortcut key Ctrl+P and save as PDF but this method is not applicable in your Android phone.

My friends always send me links on WhatsApp to save web page as pdf. Especially, they have filled up some application forms for colleges, schools, interviews, entrance test, result, etc. Usually, I tell them the procedure to save as pdf but most of the time, they get confused or forgot the method.

I have also seen that some of us do not know to save any web page as pdf in Google Chrome. They just take screenshot but it is not acceptable for official use.

Let's learn to how save any web page as pdf in Goolge Chrome.

1. Open Chrome on Android Phone.
2. Tap three dots as Fig. A or click Print if there is Print button available.
Fig. A

3.Tap Share option as Fig. B.
Fig. B

4. Swipe left to right and tap on Print as Fig. C.
Fig. C

5. Tap Paper size for page setup (Only if it is not ISO A4) as Fig. D.
Fig. D

6. Tap Paper size and set as ISO A4  as Fig. E.
Fig. E
7. Tap on the icon of PDF as Fig. F.
Fig. F
8. Tap Documents as Fig. G.
Fig. G
9. Tap Done as Fig. H.
Fig. H.
Now, your pdf will be created and saved successfully which can be shared on WhatsApp or anywhere.

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