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Limbu Keyboard | Limbu (India) Keyboard for PC 2021 | Limbu Unicode Keyboard

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Limbu Keyboard, a Unicode keyboard for PC, Laptop and computer, is used to type Limbu script which is known as Sirijunga Script or Yakthung Script. There are some Limbu Keyboards or typewriter (SIL) over the Internet, if you find them comfortable, you can use them. But this Limbu (India) Keyboard is a customized Limbu Unicode Keyboard designed only for windows users, which runs compatible with the English (India) Language.

Table of Contents

About Limbu (India) Keyboard

Limbu (India) Keyboard is a customized Limbu Unicode Keyboard designed by Sancha Bir Subba for windows users. All the key settings are set and prepared as per his keyboard settings for non-Limbu fonts like Sanchabir font, Sanchabir Kurle font, Sikkimese Limbu Regular and Subba font. But it is not compatible with those fonts. You must have installed Limbu Unicode fonts, which is packed with the keyboard setup files or you can install any Limbu Unicode fonts downloaded from the Internet.

Let's type and promote our literary creations, feelings, opinions, and everything in the Limbu script using this keyboard on our Laptop and computer. Since several years ago, we didn't have proper Limbu Unicode fonts and keyboards and we couldn't able to create contents in our Limbu scripts. It directly or indirectly impacts our education system and promotion of the Limbu literature and language in the digital world.
This keyboard is very easy to use and is especially designed for typing on blogs, websites and social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) while using a PC. Whatever you type on your blogs and websites will be visible on any mobile and computers only if they have installed Limbu Unicode fonts and keyboards on the devices. If they don't have installed Limbu Unicode fonts and keyboards, tofu or small boxes will appear in place of the characters. It works with mobile phone keyboards that I mean if both the mobile phone and computer got installed Limbu keyboards, you type Limbu from computer and mobile, which is visible to both devices. But this keyboard is only made for laptop and computer users. And you cannot use this keyboard for mac PC. For mobile phone, you can visit our page, click here and get the download.

Indian users can buy the Keyboard for ₹ 149/-, but you can contribute me more if you want to support.

Users for outside India, please visit this link click here

Product Feature

  1. Limbu Keyboard is in a zipped folder including keyboard images, keyboard instructions and three Unicode Limbu fonts which you can download free from the Internet. If you don't know to extract, click here to know more:
  2. Supports browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge (with some settings up), words, excel, power point and any software that allows you to choose Limbu Unicode font.
  3. Supports Keyboard swap.
  4. Compatible with any Limbu Unicode Fonts like Namdhinggo SIL (Regular and L version) and Noto Sans Limbu, but it doesn't support non-unicode font like Sirijunga Font, Yakthung Font, Sikkimese Limbu Regular font, etc.
  5. This keyboard doesn't support some applications like Windows Explorer for remaining names of folder and files and any software which doesn't allow to select Limbu Unicode fonts.
  6. The keyboard installation and uses instructions are packed with the keyboard setup files,

Keyboard Layout Image

Watch Tutorial Video on YouTube:

Minimum System Requirements

  1. Windows 8 or greater i3-3110M (Windows 7 but not tested),
  2. CPU @2.40 GHz 2.40 GHz or greater
  3. 1 GB RAM (2 GB RAM recommended) 64 bit Operating System, x64-based processor Mouse or tablet
  4. 1024 x 768 screen resolution (1366 x 768 (recommended)) and 768 x 1024 on a Tablet PC
  5. 144 KB hard disk space
  6. Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.


  1. Install all the limbu unicode fonts which are packed inside the folder, Limbu Unicode Fonts.
  2. After installing the fonts, install the Limbu keyboard.
  3. Once the installations are completed, you need to restart your PC bofore using it.

How to switch Keyboard to Limbu Keyboard or any keyboard in your system?

  1. Windows 8 and higher version.
  • Press and hold the windows key
  • Hit the space bar to select a language.
  • Release both the keys simultaneously.
  1. Windows 7 and lower version.
  • Press and hold the left Alt key.
  • Hit any Shift key to select a language.
  • Release both the keys simultaneously.

How to type in Limbu script using the browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox?

You need to make a few settings in your browsers in order to read the Limbu unicode fonts. And you can type anything on the websites like Facebook, Google, Youtube, Blogs, Web WhatsApp (only on browser), etc.

Let's follow the steps for one time settings:-

1. Google Chrome
  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Click Vertical Three Dots at the top corner.
  • Go to settings.
  • Click Appearance at the left side panel.
  • Click Customize fonts.
  • Go to Standard font and click it. 
  • Select Namdhinggo SIL or Noto Sans Limbu.

2. Microsoft Edge
  • Open Microsoft Edge.
  • Click Horizontal Three Dots.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Click Appearance at the left side panel.
  • Scroll down and click customize fonts.
  • Select Namdhinggo SIL or Noto Sans Limbu.

3. Firefox
It doesn't need any settings because by default, you type Limbu in the browser.  However, to select the desired fonts, follow the steps.
  • Open Firefox.
  • Click gear icon or settings.
  • Click General at the left side panel.
  • Click Fonts and Colors.
  • Select Namdhinggo SIL or Noto Sans Limbu

Once finish the setting up, you can start typing or read any texts in Limbu script. And this setting will workable until your browser is reset or uninstalled or reinstalled. If it is reset or reinstalled, you need to follow the above steps in order to type in Limbu script.

Supported Applications

  • Microsoft Office
  • Coreldraw
  • Photoshop (need to select a unicode Limbu font)
  • Any software that allows you to choose unicode limbu font.

Unsupported Applications

  • Windows Explorer including renaming files and folders in PC drives.
  • Desktop WhatsApp
  • Any software which doesn't allow to choose Limbu fonts.

Mobile Support

Any text typed by using this keyboard is supported on any mobile phones, but they must have installed a Limbu keyboard (mobile version). Click here to install Limbu Keyboard for mobile.


In conclusion, this keyboard will help you to fulfill your dreams to read and write in Limbu in the digital world. And you can create your own blog, websites and many more for promoting Limbu language and literature to the world. However, you can't take it completely as in-built system keyboard and languages because if a user visiting your sites and he doesn't have installed Limbu keyboard and Unicode fonts, tofu or small boxes will appear and can't able to read it. In this case, the user is to be requested to install both the keyboard and fonts or you can embed font to your blog/website.

To some extent, it is useful for creating non-profit blogs and websites and to explore the Limbu articles posted on the Facebook walls. In addition, if you are a teacher, you can take online exams using google forms in Limbu language for your students.

Enjoy the Limbu Keyboard!
google-site-verification: google1695aadbce264693.html
google-site-verification: google1695aadbce264693.html

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