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wrong conception about love, make yourself clear before its too late.


Before reading this article what if I told you to love doesn't exist, so-called love is only a game of dopamine and other hormones.

Now without reading the whole article one who has love may have an answer love does exist and the single one may be consufed about it. but the truth is Everyone has to accept that love doesn't exist.

Here is why

have you ever seen such a couple commonly with:

  • thin and fat
  • black and white 
  • prettiest and ugliest
  • with disabilities
  • too short and too tall 

yes probably you may find such couples but not commonly, they all have some certain condition all they hide themself to be with him/her and over many conditions money plays a great factor in it.

People say "color skin height weight doesn't matter in love" yes this quote is somehow quite true until you have money.

so what love exactly mean, let's figure out with stages, scientifically, and psychologically.

Love behind science and psychology;

 according to the psychology of love, we get attached when we have similarity, reciprocal liking, and filling needs, one may attach to someone because of isolation and so on.


And today's science believes that it's all about the games of dopamine a chemical that the brain release when we feel pleasure while talking to someone. the role of dopamine is to increase the hormones of a person, that's why people feel sweat when they are in around whom we are in love.

Love behind what we see.

we are attached maybe by looks body hair eyes and so on. we start talking to each other continuously and go on then we call it love. according to data, many people have such similarities in their love life. 

Stages in love.

lust stage:  also known as the initial stages of love. many believe that this is a stage where people are highly in the state of sexual gratification towards another person, this happens due to developing hormones, this is the stage where we are in puberty age. 

"mainly at this stage, people don't have deep information about love except sex in their desire."

attraction stage:

attraction is associated with feelings of excitement this stage many people prefer a good physical appearance and are attracted to them. Dopamine a happy hormone plays a great role at this stage our brain releases it when we are in a happy mood. at this stage, we easily get attached to someone while spending little time with him/her and start to feel love, but this attraction may fade over the period for instance you can be attracted to someone for their beauty, talents, and personality but these will fade over some time. 

*funny fact* most people found their so-called crush at this stage*

attachment /commitment stage:  a final stage in love when a person's sexual gratification desire and physical attraction is over they start to think more deeply about their life/relationship, and they start to question themself 'can I spend the rest of my life with them ' and guess what from this stages many will commit for each other and many will separate for their betterment. 

funny fact: at the second stage many wills found their crush.

      but in this third stage, we will find many broken ones.


love four alphabet words but everyone has a long answer about them. 
but too hard to understand.  

points to note
  • if love exists one should be with someone with his/her throughout his/her life.
  • if love exists he/she should be supportive of every obstacle.
  • if love exists one should focus on only one.
but the fact is all the above points become points less when we talk about love. 

  • if it's love; why do we see one has many partners in his/her past life? ( just attraction)
  • if its love: why do people broke with someone and find a new one who is much more potential and capable than the earlier one ( one condition)
  • if its  love: why do people only prefer those who are already in success, one who has a pretty face, body, and more ( another condition)

yes, I do believe love exists and the term love may differ from person to person it depends on the one who he/she thinks about it.
   what you think about love. comment here.
  till then great day ahead.

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