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The Internet makes our world closer but our relationship far away.

I can't imagine my life without the Internet. We are so accustomed to use Internet in terms of Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google and the like. Everything is now Internet. When I was young people used to raise their voice in person but what I feel nowadays, internet is the largest platform to do everything. Probably, you might have read news, posts, articles and watched videos on various topics on the internet. And almost all the companies, industries, factories, offices, schools, etc. is totally dependent on the Internet. Not only that people are making money online and running families with the passive or active income. 

Do you ever notice that Internet is making our social life complicated and far away in reality?

Generally, you think that internet makes us so easy to communicate with our relatives, friends or anyone just by dialing numbers on your phone. It seems the whole world is at your fingertips, which makes us feel the whole world is closer and smaller. And you can get-in-touch with your relatives, friends or anyone through social media that makes us super fast social life, you don't need to frequently meet someone, just  open Facebook, WhatsApp, etc., where you will see the current status of your relatives, friends or anyone that what are they doing? Frequent updates of photos, status, posts of my friends, relatives, news agencies etc. enthrall me to surf Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc. very often but I am also accustomed to update what I do in my day-to-day life. 

Undoubtedly, the internet makes the world smaller and closer to us, which can be adjustable at our smartphone in virtual world. Possibly, a few generations ago, people might not think about such drastic changes in Internet world. They wouldn't imagine one can contact from India to America just sitting at home or walking on the way. See how changes going on one generations to another. Nevertheless, the internet is making our social life complicated and far away in reality. You might have noticed that when you are sitting with colleagues, staff or friends, so busy in tapping, scrolling, sliding, swiping the screen of smartphone rather than have a talk with. Sometimes, I feel I am alone but when I get out of smartphone, I see my friends are busy on smartphone as if they don't have a moment to look at each other.  They are laughing at watching funny videos and enjoying just looking at smartphone. How about the time that a few generations ago, people had time to spend with relatives, friends or anyone in person, which builds a strong relationship and connection among them. Nowadays, we have a strong virtual relationship and connection then what we have in actual presence. Thus, our social life is getting distance day-by-day and even we forget to say hi to the friends who are sitting next to us.

Do you ever notice that Internet is killing our poor people in terms of business?

In the modern world, every business is trying to come online and grow their business. The internet becomes the largest and biggest platform to sell and buy anything just by using smartphone or computer. You may notice that almost all the businessmen, entrepreneurs or any marketers focus on getting their business online and mushrooming online business day-by-day so fast. Basically, it reduces physical manpower and very easy to sell products at large costumers. But every poor people cannot afford to grow their business online. They may be shopkeepers, retailers, hawkers, vendors, etc. who are operating small shops or business. The products sold out by them are expensive then what we purchase online. Costumers want to buy products in cheapest price with best quality. If you purchase online, the product will be delivered to your doorsteps, which saves your taxi fare and time that you will have go to store in person. A few years ago, people to book their tickets for train, plane, hotels, etc. through cafes but nowadays, it is so easy that you can book all these tickets by using your smartphone. See, small cafe operators are getting their profit down and may be some years later, people may not visit to cafe.

In the metropolitan cities, you can book taxi or cab online and even you can order lunch-dinner with your smartphone, which will be delivered to your doorsteps. Look, how about the restaurants or hotels which don't have online booking system? Undoubtedly, they are losing some costumers. Nowadays, people place their orders for clothes, footwear, groceries, almost everything just sitting at home. What happens if the facilities are offered to each and every corner of countryside?

Do you ever think that Internet is taking away our children's childhood?

People smoke cigarettes, even knowing and reading "Smoking is injurious to health". As if that every parent knows that allowing children to surf online is not good for health. You may witness that every child is allowed to watch videos on YouTube, play games online and many more. It may be good if it is used for educational purpose. However, it is not recommended to surf online for longer periods. Nowadays, every mother allows to their child to go online for longer periods because they don't have to focus on their child and the child doesn't run here and there, which may be safe from getting injuries or being dirty. 

Unfortunately, at the present world, their child is losing childhood that we used to have when we were young, played outside like outdoor games, Pittu Garam (Seven stones and ball), chess, ludo, etc., which helps your child to grow in physical development. But nowadays, children are not getting enough physical exercise as compared to a few generations ago. Using smartphone or going online may help your children to boost up mental power but not helpful for physical health. When children are young who are at the age of developing stage of their body, needs some light physical exercise that we used to get from outdoor games or playing among friends. They must be given a chance to have childhood in outdoor games rather than in the screen of smartphone.

If your child uses smartphone surfing internet for longer periods, they may be victims of various problems later on. For instance, it may cause mental health problems such as loneliness, depression and anxiety; lower self-esteems; prone to mental illness; trend to experience higher level of emotional distress and many more. I think it may be bad for your children's health allowing to surf internet for longer periods.

In conclusion, the internet is the most important thing in our present life but we must need to learn the internet for necessary purposes only. We should not waste all our time on the internet which is to be prone to various kind of health problems such as loneliness, mental illness, emotional distress etc. Basically, the internet is not recommended for the children who are under at the age of 14. Even adults also need to have space and time for families, relatives and friends because everything cannot be done within the screen of smartphone that we need help in person. Thus, use the internet for your purpose but not for time-pass.

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