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COVID-19 lacerates everyone's ears

You are already suffered a lot with the pandemic COVID-19 by the reading and hearing the news right from social media to television. The viral news of COVID-19 doesn't leave a single ear for whispering and soils their brain and heart with the fear of suffering of the Coronavirus. Everywhere, you will come to hear the safety measures of the pandemic disease, even while you are in the traffic, airport, train station, etc. Despite of the safety measures, you are also advised to remain alert, which you can hear the caller tune even while calling someone. It seems that your ears are voiced and filled up with the outbreak of Coronavirus wherever you go.

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In the past, there were some outbreak of pandemic diseases but it was not so viral as Coronavirus. For instance, Ebola Virus was occurred in West Africa from December 2013 to January 2016, with 28,646 cases and 11,323 deaths. But it didn’t create panic to the people around the globe as by the COVID-19. At that time, we had limited access to Internet and Social Media sites, which reduced the panic and acute fear of such outbreaks. Nowadays, we have very easy access to Internet, Social Media Sites and other sources of information and news that it makes our life easier and comfortable, our world small and easy to communicate wherever we are. Nevertheless, the access to internet or telecommunication causes a problem of fast widespread news, which misleads people into uncalled-for fear of the outbreaks.

People are already died in various means before they suffer from Coronavirus, that schools, colleges, universities, etc., have been notified to remain closed for a month or till further notification. Some countries, people are only allowed to go out for groceries and medicines, and requested to remain within the station or home. In fact, it creates social distance among the families, relatives, and friends as well. You are not advised to talk and walk in groups. When you go out of home, you are advised to remain alert and the news of COVID-19 is extremely terrible than the threatening of someone with a pistol. If they kill you with a pistol, only you will die but if you are suffered with Coronavirus, you will be a virus and more dangerous, whatever you touch that becomes virus and prone to COVID-19 transformation to another one, because of that you are isolated from your family, friends and others, as you can feel you are dying alive.

In conclusion, it is just my opinion that I got the outbreak news of Coronavirus, wherever I travel and whenever I go online. It seems creating panic and uncalled-for fear of such outbreaks.  In fact, it may be really terrible pandemic disease to all of us, that we should be serious about our health and hygiene. As far as possible, stay alert and follow the safety measures of COVID-19 in order to keep away the outbreak.

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