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How to convert PDF to Image?

Images are best for sharing on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social media. Sometimes, you need to share your PDF as image that you will have to convert your PDF to image.

There are number of ways to convert PDF to image such as you can convert PDF using Photoshop, or any other applications but here, I am going help you to convert PDF to image using Nitro PDF Creator.

Things to be remembered before you convert your PDF to image.
1. A PDF file is required and it must not be password protected.
2. Nitro PDF Creator Pro 13 must be installed in your system.

Now, follow the instructions as given below:-
1. Open Nitro PDF Creator Pro 13.
2. Click Open>>Computer>>Browse. Find and open the PDF that you want to convert into image.
3. Click Convert Tab>>To Image.
4. Select Output Folder to “Folder of original file”.
5. Tick “Open folder after creation”.
6. Click Convert.

I think this article will help you to convert PDF to image. Please share your feedback in comment wall.

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