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How to print a booklet or book form in A4 size paper?

It is possible to print booklet or book form in A4 size paper using your home printer, which can save a huge number of papers and looks beautiful. Generally, I have noticed that it is really useful to school for printing question papers during exam. And it may be helpful to you for printing your articles in booklet before you proceed to Press.

Let’s learn to print a booklet or book form in A4 size paper using your home printer.

Things to be remembered before you proceed:

1. You must have to set up word files in A5 size paper (width=14.5 cm and height=21 cm).
2. Page Margins: Top = 1.93cm, Bottom = 1.93cm, Left = 1.93 cm, Right = 1.93cm, Page Orientation = Portrait, Multiple pages = Normal, Preview Apply to = Whole document.
3. click ok
4. Now, set up Page number; double click at the bottom of the page (footer), click Page Number in the menu bar, hover your mouse on the Bottom of Page and then click Plain Number 2 (select where you want to set Page number).
5. Click Close header and footer in the menu bar.
6. Now, type your required materials or texts.
7. Make sure that the pages should be multiple of 4, i.e., 4, 8, 12, and so on. If you don’t have enough texts for making multiple of 4 pages then just add blank pages.
8. Now, convert your word files to PDF; there are number of ways to convert word to PDF. If you are using MS-Word 2010 or higher, you can directly convert; go to file>>Export>>Create PDF/XPS and save it as PDF. If you are using MS-Word 2007, you must have installed Adds-on PDF Saver in order to save your documents to PDF. Or You can install Nitro PDF creator which can save all types of PDF and convert PDF to word, excel and many more. There are other applications available on the internet.
9.  A latest version of Adobe Reader has been installed in your system.
10. A Printer is required.

The following steps will guide you for printing booklet or book form in A4 size paper:

1. Open the PDF with Adobe Reader.
2. Select Printer’s Name that you want to use for printing.
3. Select Booklet under Page Sizing & Handling
4. Booklet subset is to be set to “Front side only” for the first printing/time. And in the second time, Booklet subset is set to “Back side only”, again, place the printed papers as it is without changing or moving it to the printer’s paper tray (do not turn the direction or exchange the papers, just pull the paper how it is come out and place it to printer’s paper tray) or you can observe the printing side of paper and place it accordingly. Remember, while printing back side only, if your pages are more than four, you need to click on More Options>> tick Reverse pages, otherwise, it will be misprinted. If you got only four pages then do not tick the More Options for Reverse pages.
5. Make sure that page orientation is Portrait.
6. Click Print and repeat the process until finish your work.

I hope, this tutorial will help you a lot and kindly share your feedback in the comment wall.

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