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Ignore their bad habits to discover positivity at others

"Others may have inborn bad habits that you often look at them too seriously. If you try to find positivity at others instead, you are one of the most successful persons in the Mankind. You are here for helping, loving and caring others, but not to judge them."

A million of people living in this world with varieties of cultures, religions, castes, creeds and colours. Everyone has positive and negative habits and it is necessary in some extent in order to balance their life. And both qualities should be balanced. I know, we don’t like bad habits with anyone. We all have positivity but it is not equally distributed. Some may have more positivity and some have less. Some may have more negativity or bad habits and some may have less. On the top of that, you are finding negativity at others and it has been easily noticed instead of find positivity at them. Such habits are inborn in the mankind. You are habituated with judging mistakes of others from one generation to another. You might have noticed that even in exam also, teachers try to find mistakes in answer scripts. And your mistakes are red mark in our society that anyone can see but your goodness cannot be easily noticed or identified.

Everyone has positivity and good habits. Try to appreciate their positivity and give appreciation and compliment towards their work and ignore their bad habits that can help them to delete bad habits from their life. For instance, if a student always comes late in school but instead of rebuking him, tell him that you came a little earlier than yesterday. He may have number of reasons why he comes late but if you try to appreciate his work and positivity ignoring his bad habits, you will help him to increase positivity. It is the job that can be done by only successful persons in the mankind, who are helpful, lovable and caring to others. So, try to appreciate others work and give them compliment but do not exaggerate them but everything has limit. 

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