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Unlearn to judge someone

“Labelling is in your blood but it is hard to unlearn what you label someone.”

To judge someone by their nature, attitudes, expression or any means is in your blood, inborn habit that you are given and conditioned by your society. No one likes being judged by someone. But we do judge someone knowingly and unknowingly.

I think it is really hard to unlearn to judge someone but it must be. It is some kind of crime that we give mentally torture to someone. When you label someone that you judge someone, in order to drag behind from their level of performance, which may hurt them a lot. It is not good to enjoy by hurting someone.

Never judge someone but appreciate and give them a compliment. You were not born to judge someone but you are here for helping, loving and caring someone. So, you need to learn to stop judging someone and be a good person, loyal and helpful person.

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