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Your life is a most beautiful if others can be happy looking at you

There is no one who wants to be unhappy in this world. Everyone is in search of happiness in their whole life, which is found within themselves but it is really hard to get where it is and how can you get it. Almost all of them cannot able to achieve happiness to the last breath. In fact, they are finding happiness at earthly things that is completely changeable and never last forever. And they may have different ways of finding happiness such as money, job, living style, luxuries lifestyle, and the like. Nevertheless, they never be happy after achieving their desired goals or aims in their life.

There is a huge way of getting unhappiness in the different situations in your life. But it is really hard to be happy by yourself because there is a bunch of temptation that can attract your heart and mind, enthralls you to fall in the trap of world, is an inevitable predicament and may be a hell in other prospective.

When I was young, I thought if I got a job, I will make a huge money and I will be happy because I will do what I want. But I was wrong that it was an illusion of my childhood. later on, I came to know that my happiness was relied on the materialistic world, which is not permanent and can be changed at any time. I mean, if your happiness depends upon earthly things, you won’t be happy all the time, because, your happiness and desired things may be changed from time to time, your desires are unlimited and never be fulfilled. To my mind, if your desires are fulfilled you may not move forward. So, it is to be unlimited and unsatisfied, which may be the rules of our universe and needs to be followed at any cost. Perhaps, if the pains, temptation and any trap are not here, in this world, your life won’t be enjoyable to live here. And the value of happiness exists here because of such pains, temptation and traps. 

Did you ever think of day and night? If there is no night, what would be happened to our world? In one hand, there is a lot of disadvantages of night that we cannot able to see and mostly evil work is done during night. In other hand, we get a huge advantage of night that our world can take rest, we sleep during night which is necessary to our health. Day and night have a strong meaning to our daily life that happiness and sadness are the key to enjoy every moment here. How to be happy by oneself is a big question? You cannot avoid bad situation at any cost. And you must have passed through it.
So far, I have learnt that to be happy by oneself is not an easy task but it is very simple if you discover it. When you start loving to your work and appreciating small things in your life, happiness will come to you, which makes your life beautiful. You know, whey you appreciate your work by yourself, it may reduce your worries and add a grandeur to your life. Most difficult things in your life is to unlearn your mistakes. I know, it is really hard to unlearn but if you can learn to accept your mistakes that will be the way to reducing your anger. When you have less anger and you will have more positive vibes, which give you a strength to find solution in every problem. And if you see solution in every problem, you are tackling difficulties that’s what you need to have in your life. Tackling difficulties means to enjoy your life and when you enjoy your life, you feel you are living your beautiful life in this world. 

Many things can be contributed to your friends, relatives, and world as well but you can also help them simply by sharing your simple steps to live their life happily. Who knows, your simple steps may change their life a lot. I know, it is not easy to bring smile on someone’s lips. But if you try to be a good person instead of finding good at someone, you may be a helpful person, who can enlighten others to choose a right path in this labyrinthine world. Undoubtedly, you are helpful, loyal and lovable to others, your life is really beautiful.

I know it is really tough to be an idol for someone but when you become an idol for someone, you are living one of the most beautiful lives. It means to excel at your work whatever you do. Being idol is to be happy someone looking at your work or you. For instance, look at some of successful persons in the world, who are inspirers, motivators, idols and guides in our life. We can be happy and motivated looking at them when we are at the last stage of our life. If you appreciate a small thing in your life the big thing comes to you suddenly. So, be an idol for someone so that others can learn so many things from you. It can be a great achievement in your life.

“Your life is beautiful if you can be happy. Your life is really beautiful, if you can make others happy. Your life is a most beautiful if others can be happy looking at you.”

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