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10 Funny and Cool Quotes About Social Media

1. I don't think people understand the power of social media or our phones.

2. I log off because I’m bored. I log back on in five minutes because I’m bored.

3. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, plus a social media overreaction.

4. To be happy in this world, first you need a cell phone and then you need an airplane. Then you're truly wireless.

5. I think God gave every one of us a cell phone, we just dropped it.

6. You want to see an angry person? Let me hear a cell phone go off.

7. The best way to change a woman’s mind is to agree with her.

8. I don’t make mistakes too often, but when I do it’s your fault.

9. Exercise can add years to your life. For example, I just ran 2 miles and I now feel like I’m 82.

10. Can’t find your children? Try turning off the wifi. They appear suddenly.

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