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BitDefender Antivirus Plus Review 2021 | Cheapest Antivirus


BitDefender is one of the best Antivirus Software available on the Internet, a leading global cybersecurity protecting 500 million systems across 150 plus countries, recognized and trusted by industries, vendors and customers that you can trust and rely on without any question. Today, it is used in over 38% of the world’s security solutions. 

The software was originally developed by SOFTWIN and sold as AVX (Antivirus Expert) from 1996 until 2001, when its name was changed. In 2007, SOFTWIN spun off Bitdefender. Since 2001, Bitdefender innovation has consistently delivered award-winning security products and threat intelligence for people, homes, businesses and their devices, networks and cloud services.

Features of BitDefender Antivirus Plus with Ransomware Protection (Email Delivery)

Protection Features

Antivirus: Quick Scan, System Scan, Manage Scans, Quarantine, Manage Exceptions, Rescue Environment, Shield (can be turned Off for certain periods), CD & DVD Scan, Pen drives or Flash drives Scan and Mapped Network drives Scan.

Vulnerability: Vulnerability Scan, Wi-Fi Security Advisor and other settings for Windows Updates, Application Updates, User passwords, Autoplay and Wi-Fi Security advisor.

Firewall: It is available in upgraded version only.

Antispam: It is also available in upgraded version only.

Online Threat Prevention: Manage Exceptions and Web Protection (Web attack prevention, Search Advisor, Encrypted web scan, Fraud protection and Phishing protection) and Network Threat Prevention.

Advanced Threat Defense: Threat Defense, Manage Exceptions and Exploit Detection.

Safe Files: Protect Folders and Application Access

Ransomware Remediation: Exceptions and Automatic Restore.

Privacy Features:

Password Manager: My Wallets, Create New Wallet and Plugins to Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safepay; Security Settings and Autofill settings.
Data Protection: File Shredder

VPN: Unlimited VPN (need to be installed)

File Encryption: It is available in upgraded version

Safepay: It is an important feature for online banking.

Video & Audio Protection: It is available in upgraded version

Parental Advisor: It is available in upgraded version

Anti-Tracker: It is for web-browsers.

Special Feature only in Upgraded BitDefender Total Security Multi-Device 2020:
One Click Optimizer, Anti-Theft, Start-up Optimizer and Disk Clean-up.


  • Pricing; ₹ 140 (one device & one-year validity), ₹ 200 (one device & two years validity), ₹ 269 (one device & three years validity), ₹ 375 (three devices & one-year validity) and ₹ 745 (three devices & three years validity).
  • Instant Email Delivery and download.
  • Activation can be done online.
  • No need to buy any CD to get BitDefender Antivirus Plus.
  • Multi-features available at cheapest price.
  • Fast Scan
  • Very efficient malware and ransomware protection.
  • Auto scan pen drives or flash drives
  • Best for personal computers


  • Not quite better in comparison with Kaspersky, Norton and Microsoft for malware detection.
  • It is not recommended for computers having less than 4 GB ram because it lags and hangs system while running and starting up also.
  • It requires Service Pack 1 for windows 7, which is not already installed in most of the systems and sometimes, it cannot be installed.
  • Internet Explorer 11 and higher version is required which is not available in old computers and cannot be upgraded to newest version.
  • It requires latest browsers in order to download the software and consumes a huge time and data for downloading.
  • It cannot be activated without registration with Email Id.
  • It does not allow Kegen files or crack files to install in your systems that blocks and deleted automatically, which you need to disabled its shield for an hour before installing the software.


In conclusion, I have been using this BitDefender Antivirus Plus since a year ago and it is been working fine. And I have recommended to my friends and they have installed a copy of BitDefender. In fact, it really good for personal computers. If you don’t any anti-virus installed in your system and your budget is limited, I strongly recommend BitDefender that it is the anti-virus with multi-features available in the cheapest price over the Internet. If you are running Cyber cafe and computer class, this software is best for you but before buying make sure that minimum system requirements should be kept in mind; 4 GB ram and higher, Internet Explorer 11 or and Windows 8 and higher (else do not buy).

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