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Remove watermark in PDF with CamScanner 100% free License access.


CamSanner is one of the mobile apps that allows you to convert images to PDF on iOS and Android devices, developed and released by INTSIG Information Co., Ltd. on the 17th February 2017. It is one of the popular PDF creators for smartphone users, which offers free version and paid version. In free version, users are allowed to create PDF using images or taking photographs through Camera but there is a watermark in the PDF, cannot be removed unless you purchased its CamScanner Full Version that costs you Rs. 130 per user. It claims that the world’s leading mobile scanning app running over 380 million devices across 200 countries around the globe and over 5,00,000 new registrations per day.

And no one wants to have watermark of CamScanner in PDF but in free version, it cannot be removed. If you get its full version, watermark will be removed.

Pros and Cons of CamScanner

The following pros and cons of CamScanner are retrieved on the basis of Google Play Store reviews.


-Works as scanner if you don’t have scanner.
-Easy to digitise document; using mobile camera scan all kinds of paper documents and images also.
-Smart cropping and auto enhancing with great colours and resolutions.
-Share and save as PDF/JPEG files.
-AirPrint & Fax Documents over 30 countries.


-Full set of editing tools available in premium feature only.
-Quick Search in premium feature only.
-Secure Important Documents using passcode in premium feature only.
-Sync across platforms to registered accounts only.
-Provides Optical Character Recognition feature that allows extract text from images in premium feature only; convert images to Txt, Word and Excel.
-Removing watermark is only available in premium feature only.
-Book Mode scan is available in premium feature only.
-Share secured document downlink with others available in premium feature only.
-It is costly to subscribe: $4.99 per month and $49.99 per year.
-Free version has ads and cannot be removed.
-Free version has limitation in creating PDF.
-It doesn’t provide trial period at least 30 days.
-Most of the features are locked in free version. 
-It doesn’t display properly over 50 pages and above.


None of the users claims that it contains virus or malware or Trojan Dropper in the app but on August 27, 2019, Russian security provider Kaspersky Lap discovered Trajon Dropper or virus in the app, which was removed from Google Play Store as of September 5, 2019.

How to download CamScanner?

Install a free version of CamScanner from Google Play Store or CLICK HERE: and skip the Sign Up and use it as free version.

If you wish to use original one, you can purchase from Google Play Store. But if you are unable to purchase the original one, download the CamScanner Full Version which is 100% free lifetime access using the download button below or CLICK HERE. You will be directed to Mediafire site and get download the app CamScanner Full Version.apk. Install it on your phone and then try it, you will notice that watermark will be removed and if you go to Google Play Store the pro version is shown as paid.

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Disclaimer: The article provided on this blog is merely for educational and information purposes only. The author is not associated with CamScanner and doesn’t claim 100% accuracy and completeness of information about CamScanner provided here. The author will not be liable for any errors, losses, injuries or damages from the use of this information.

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