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Top Five Incredible Websites on the Internet

You might not have visited the websites, which make you amazed and astonished and these websites are really incredible and unique on the internet. I have listed below and make your visit at least once in your life.

1. The Scale of the Universe

The Scale of the Universe takes you on a ride down to the smallest thing theorized by scientists and then out of the vastness of the universe. This website needs Adobe Flash Player to run the interactive tools or scale of the universe that opens with a variety of objects shown on the screen, from a Giant Earth worm to a hummingbird. Below those images is a scroll bar that you can use to explore a diversity of sizes. You can move the scroll bar to the left to view smaller and smaller objects, while moving it to the right allows you to view larger and larger ones. You can take pleasure of the website using this link:

2. The Internet Map

The Internet Map looks like a galaxy of stars of the websites on the Internet, is a bi-dimensional presentation of links between websites on the Internet. Every site is represented as a circle on the map, and its size is determined by website traffic, the larger the amount of traffic, the bigger the circle. You need to zoom out and in to view the map clearly, just use this link:

3. Flightradar24

Flightradar24 is a Swedish internet-based service that shows real-time commercial aircraft flight tracking information on a map, which is the world’s most popular flight tracker. It includes flight tracking information, origins and destinations, flight numbers, aircraft types, positions, altitudes, headings and speeds. It can also show time-lapse replays of previous tracks and historical flight data by airline, aircraft, aircraft type, area or airport. You need to zoom out and in to view the flights in more clearly and click on the flight that you want to get information of the flight, use this link:

4. Music Map

Type in any musician’s name on the homepage and it will give you a map of other artists you might like. The closer the names, the more alike the artist is. Give it a go and see if you can discover new music – it’s like having that mate who knows everything about bands in a searchable database on the internet. Use this link:

5. Gravity Points

Open the website and single click anywhere in the interface to mark a gravity point, all the particles move through that point and to remove the point just double click on the gravity point that marked by you. It is really interesting, use this link:

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