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A Teacher can take LIVE WhatsApp Classes for Schools and Webinars

Online class, online class, online class..., everywhere, everyone says, since the COVID-19 stepped on our Earth. You might be confused to use an app, which is better for taking online classes. I know, you have gone through a lot of apps over the Internet, but I don’t find none of them is feasible and better to use as WhatsApp.

WhatsApp enthralls my heart for educational, professional, commercial and personal purposes and probably, you too, can’t ignore it in your everyday life. It might be one of the reasons, why is WhatsApp so popular in this century? The app has tremendously simple user interface and feasible to use that anyone can learn to operate the app in a moment. Do you ever ask a question yourself? Do I make my day without using WhatsApp even at once? This is what I want to tell you how we are connected to the app and how it is important in our everyday life.

Probably, you are looking for best and easiest way of teaching online through the app which is common and known to each one of us. WhatsApp is the only solution for you. If you are ready to leap and learn how to take live classes on WhatsApp, let’s us dive in. Here are the tips and tricks: -

1. Live Class through Group Video Calling

Presently, WhatsApp supports 8 persons in a group video call including you. Earlier, it doesn’t support a group video call, but later on, it supports 4 persons. Now, it is a great feature for teachers, coaches, tutors and speakers. The limitation of 8 persons in a group video call may be increased to 50 or more in the coming days, but currently, they are on trials. However, you can take live classes on WhatsApp for 7 students in a session. I found, it is suitable for the teachers who have less a number of students, may be 10 to 15. You can create groups session-wise that in each session, you can include less than or equal to 7 students so that you won’t have any problem in group video calling. 

While taking classes through video calling, your teaching and interaction with students takes place in real time, which is very necessary.  You can do many things through WhatsApp Video Calls that you can take reading, poem recitation, question-answer, verbal test, etc. to your students.

a) Create session-wise groups of 8 members each including you.

i) Open WhatsApp
                ii) Go to the three dots
iii) Tap New group
iv) Select students or members (WhatsApp contacts must be saved already)
v) Tap camera to upload group icon (can be upload late on)
vi) Type a group name
vii) Tap tick in green icon

b) for video calling, tap the video icon visible on the title bar of each group. (If you add more than 8 members, the video icon will be disable and you cannot call to the group. Make sure that all your students or the persons have updated the version of WhatsApp, whom are being called by you)

2. Teaching through pre-recorded videos, audios and notes

In the session-wise created groups, you can teach through pre-recorded videos, audios, notes and other e-resources. Your students can submit their answer scripts in image forms in the group and correct them virtually, resend the scripts. I have made a separate video that how to correct answer scripts, you can watch, click here.

Take attendance through WhatsApp that it is not like as you take in real class, but you can make an attendance sheet personally; set a timetable, tell them to send present, leave in the scheduled time and maintain in your attendance sheet.

You can take optional or MCQ test in the group, set time for the test and tell the students write down answers on their copies and take photos and send back to your personal WhatsApp number.

You can share your experiences with me under the comment wall.

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