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Compress any video for WhatsApp on Android Phone 2020

You might be wondering over the Internet that how to reduce the size of videos for WhatsApp because you can send videos less than or equal to 16 MB or duration of 3 Minutes in maximum. And you might have noticed that if you size is more than 16 MB, WhatsApp will automatically trim your videos and you cannot send a full video to your friends or someone on your mobile device. There are a lot of ways to send large videos on WhatsApp like you can use Google Drive, Drop Box, etc. but none of them are feasible to download videos as on WhatsApp.

The tremendously simple interface of WhatsApp wins the heart of many people around the world. Our day begins with WhatsApp and ends with WhatsApp in the present world. Thus, we all are WhatSapien in the technological world.

If you are ready to leap and learn how to send any large video on WhatsApp by compressing, let's dive in.

How to compress any videos on android phone?

  • Go to Play Store.
  • Find "Video Compressor" (Video Compressor - Fast Compress Video & Photo).
  • Download and Install it.
  • Open the app.
  • Select a video folder.
  • Select a video.
  • Tap Compress Video.
  • Select a Quality Tab (High Quality, Low Quality or Custom).
  • Select  and tap a video size under the Quality Tab (480p & above is best quality, below 360p is medium & below 240P is very low quality).
  • Wait a few minutes until the conversion complete.
  • Your compressed video will be played automatically when it finished the conversion.
  • Close it.
[Note: The app will show ads when you are connected to the Internet, just close it and do not click elsewhere].

How to send the compressed video on WhatsApp?

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • Go to the Contact whom you can to send the video.
  • Tap attach file >> Gallery >> All Videos.
  • Now, find the compressed video.
  • Tap the video.
  • Type message if any, otherwise, just tap on Send Arrow Button (Make sure that you must be connected to the Internet).
This process will help you compress large video into small size but if you video is too large like more than 1 GB, I think, the video compressor may not be able to compress under 16 MB. For that you need to go for other resources like Handbrake in Computer or it's not possible to compress.

While making videos using phone camera, keep video resolution size small (640x480) so that you can compress easily and send on WhatsApp.

You can share your confusions or anything if I can help you out there.

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