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Your Difficulties Never Last Long

You can’t run away from your difficulties and will have to confront some problems at least once in a lifetime. You may be encountering difficulties in terms of survival, education, health and well-being, spirituality, business and so on.

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I have gone through the challenging times in my life. They cast me like a lump of clay and gave me a magnificent shape of my life what I’m today. And I feel far better than earlier. Still, I’m struggling to climb up the ladder of success in the upcoming days. 

Most sad moments of life are to be triggered by the cyclones of challenging times. And I think you might have already gone through it that may be health, business, education, social life and so on. I got to share an unforgettable rare story of my life. It’s related to my health.

It is a story of my childhood that I went through the challenging times. I was a young schoolboy, a student of class IV. In the morning, I had to cut grass for the domesticated animals, cows and goats while my friends had time to study at home. And then I went to school. After school, again, I had to cut grass for them. And I also had to take care of my younger ones. I got hardly a few minutes to do the school tasks at home.

Despite being a tight time, everything was going on pretty well. It was in winter. I used to have a stomach ache in the morning daily. As the passage of time, the stomach ache kept on increasing. My parents used to take the help of a local priest to heal the pain. Sometimes, they took me to the hospital, and the doctors took the stomach ache as usual one. The doctors just gave me a few tablets of medicines, which heals me for a few days. And again, after that, I got started having the stomach ache. The process kept on running a few months. Slowly-slowly, I could not be able to walk and had to crouch my body as I could not be straight. I stopped going to school as of my severe ill-health.

Gradually, the stomach ache became more and more severe. I was bedbound for a month and more. There was a dire need for monetary aid and couldn’t be able to take the help of the Internet as we are getting at present days. When you don’t have any option left, you will have to bow down your head in front of God. When there is nobody to listen to your problems, you will have to share it in the form of prayers to God. It might be the reason why my parents were bound endeavouring to get rid of the pain by performing rituals and worshipping to God and deities. It is not in my knowledge, that how many fowls and goats were offered to God, hoping for a speedy recovery. I know, my parents didn’t want me to suffer severely. Apart from performing rituals, they strived to do Ayurveda medication, a new shoot of guava, bark of some trees, etc. Besides, I had swallowed half of the small bowl of red soil as a medicine. It was whispered to my parents’ ears by somebody. It sounds hilarious, but my parents tried to be rational rather than conventional in any religion.

Meanwhile, I got constipation and now suffered very severely. I already stopped taking more solid food and drank only water. Thus, I was very bony and no energy to go to washroom also. At this predicament of my life, I found myself alive in the calvary hill struggling in between heaven and hell. I felt that being poorness is a curse of forefathers which cannot be overcome by us. And I had a very shadowy hope to be revived alive in this world.

In the evening, my parents took me to a nearby hospital to get rid of constipation. I think the next day evening, I got transferred to a city hospital. It was come to know that I had a tumour in the large intestine, which had to undergo surgery instantly. And I faintly remembered that the doctors made me ready to take to the operation theatre. I heard very faintly that the doctors were talking about the witness person before performing the surgery.

My parents were in a situation that neither they say a word nor cry. They had a dream to save my life, but it was merely impossible for them as of monetary aid. And everyone has lost hope at me.

At the end of the heartrending scene, papa met my maternal uncle and aunt to get consent to continue the surgery. But they didn’t allow to perform surgery there. They took me to a better hospital of another state and had surgery of tumour. I underwent two surgeries that one was for tumour, and another was for an appendix. Very faint memory comes to my mind that the doctors took me to the operation theatre from the ICU room, and they had told me to look at the lights before performing surgery. 

When I was struggling on a bed with a stomach ache for a few months, I felt that I was living my life forever in hell. Sometimes, I used to blame myself why I was born to an impecunious family. I used to think that if I were born into a wealthy family, I wouldn’t have any challenging times in my life. Later on, when I got revitalized my life as the second time. It adds me a new hope of life to this beautiful world and enlightens me that your challenging times are temporary. I know, when you are in a most challenging time, each second becomes a year to spend. I also know that when you are in a great time, many years become a second to spend. It’s all about how you feel and take the time. And every problem has a solution if one wants to find and try to solve it. 

Our life is already short, and if there is no such challenging times or difficulties, our life becomes shorter and shorter to live here. Take and learn to tackle your every challenging time as your guests at home. It adds flavour to your life and makes you feel that you are living a long life. Thus, your difficulties are your guests who are temporarily residing at your house. Give them space and treat them well.

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