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How to enable system input keyboard to Nepali, Hindi and any language on your mobile


To type in your native language on your mobile phone is not just for sharing information in actual form or what you wish to communicate with someone but it saves and digitizes your language, which brings compatibility to the modern world. So, if you are ready to leap and learn how to type and read in the script of your language, lets drive in. 


The following steps are prepared based on Samsung smart phones; settings of your phone may differ from the given steps but all the phone have inbuilt input keyboards that may be enabled differently. If your mobile phone is Samsung, just follow the steps in order to enable a system input keyboard in your native language.

  1. Go to Settings (from the app or notification bar)
  2. Find and tap Language and Input
  3. Go to the System Keyboard (Samsung Keyboard) under keyboard and input preferences
  4. Find and tap Add input languages
  5. Find your desire languages like Hindi, Nepali, Bangla, Tamil, or any language and turn on the toggle switch button against them.
  6. Close the settings
  7. Open any app like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, etc., and keep your keyboard in typing mode.
  8. Press and swift the space-bar with your fingertip in the keyboard to change language. [Note: some phones, you need to press and hold or you need to click on the globe icon; it depends on mobile phones.]

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