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Dotted Limbu Font | Unicode Limbu Font for Computer

Dotted Limbu Font is a Unicode professional Limbu font designed to type the Limbu script on a computer, mainly created for the Limbu pre-school books. It gives you a dotted set of the Limbu font, and you can also type the English alphabet.

Table of Contents

About Dotted Limbu Font

The Dotted Limbu Font is the first Unicode Limbu Font on the web, created and designed by Sancha Bir Subba to type the Limbu script for commercial and professional books like pre-school learning books, any books with tracing Limbu/English alphabets, etc. This font may be used to type the English alphabet also. It is built for the Limbu and English scripts.

₹ 2875 ₹ 1150

Variants of Dotted Limbu Font

There are four variants of the Dotted Limbu Font the release version is 1.000.
1. Dotted Limbu Regular
2. Dotted Limbu Bold
3. Dotted Limbu Italic
4. Dotted Limbu Bold-Italic

All these fonts are packed in a single zipped folder.

Installation and Configuration

Any Unicode Limbu Keyboard is installed in your system before using this Dotted Limbu Font. If not, please download it from our website, Limbu (India) Keyboard - Click International Users and Indian Users.

1. Unzipped the downloaded zipped font folder.
2. Select all the dotted Limbu fonts and right-click>>Select Install. Let it be installed.
3. Restart your PC and start working with any application, word, excel, graphic software, etc.

Application and Devices support

  • This font can be used on a computer only. It doesn't support a mobile device. 
  • It can be used in any app and website commercially.


I hope that the Dotted Limbu Font will help create any tracing books, whether in Limbu or English. You can share your feedback and suggestion on the comment wall.

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