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Save your own life or the whole world!

It is really hard to tolerate the pain of teeth when all the clinics are closed. And no one can understand your pain when you are suffering in extreme depth and it cannot be shared. But remember, the pain cannot last forever. What I mean to say, the pandemic situation is a current problem for all of us and it has a solution, which may take some time. Basically, the problem is temporarily that whole world is in search of solutions and may be short out very shortly. 

In spite of your unbearable circumstances, you must hold our heart and bear the pandemic situation in order to have better life later on. Who doesn’t want to save one’s own life? We all love to save our individual life in the first priority but if you try to analyse with your wise-mind, you will find yourself as an egotistical person in the world. We are too narcissistic even knowing everything behind the scene that for instance, one person is dying, if he dies, he can save the life of ten persons but if he doesn’t want to die, the ten persons will be died. However, in the 99.9 percent, he wants to live even by knowing the death of ten persons because of him. It is very rear to find the public-spirited person who thinks the betterment of others and nation as well.

Despite of strong rules and regulations imposed in this lockdown, we want freedom to move and work freely. In the past, when we were on our duties, we always hurry to back home after working. For now, everyone wants to move out of home to get refresh and spend some moments with their relatives and friends. We know that if we move out of our current location to another place, there is a high chance of getting infected with the virus, COVID-19. Nevertheless, we prefer to move, especially, those who are out of station, many be out for jobs, studies, tour and excursions and unable to return home due to this sudden lockdown. It has been almost two months being staying in the red-zone of COVID-19. To my mind, moving out of their locations is not safe to them and for others also. In case, if they get infected by unknowingly, very high risk of multiplying the virus in this pandemic situation. I don’t mean, they should perish their life wherever they are, but they need to stay there safely. For financial help, they can take from their relatives, home place, and social workers through wire or online net-banking. But if they prefer to back home before shorting out the pandemic situation, their life may be put into risk along with their family, nation and the whole world.

The government of every states and nations are trying to return their citizens into native places but if you look onto the matter seriously, you will find every week, victims of COVID-19 are doubling. If we do not listen to the imposed rules and regulations of this lockdown or if we fail to remain as a civilised human being, we might be got infected by the virus because of our overbearing and underestimation towards the COVID-19. Yeah, there are screening and scanning of COVID-19 Tests but we need to understand that there is extremely very less chance to remain alive. The screening can’t save your life if you are infected while travelling on the way.

In conclusion, if you do not move from where you are, you can save yourself and the whole world. So, it is completely your choice that whom you want to save, you or the whole world. 

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