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Review on Unique Plastic Seed Tray Set or Nursery Tray Set 2020

 A good idea to grow plants from seeds using Nursery Tray Set (Seedling Tray, Seed Tray, Pod Tray). In the past, we used to grow plants from seeds in open space, but most the time, seeds do not germinate well, because, it doesn't get proper amount of water and manures. Using Nursery Seed Tray, we can germinate seeds from 70 to 90 percents.

Recently, I have purchased 45 Nursery Tray Sets from Amazon for growing Red Cherry Peppers, each set has the small 104 cells and made a small unboxing video, you can watch and share with your friends.

The Nursery Tray Set (Unique Plastic Seed Tray) is available in different shapes and sizes on the basis of its uses. You can use this nursery seed tray for growing plants from seeds of vegetables, flowers or any seeds. It's a great way of making home nursery for your personal use. Mixed vermi-compost and coco-peat manure can fill up in the empty cells. Once it is completely filled up, put one seed in each cell. And keep watering in the morning and evening. The seeds will get germination after a few weeks. And those saplings can be planted in the agriculture field.

If you more idea about this, kindly share in the comment wall as I am learning and using for the first time.

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