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Bear Pains Before Living a Happy Life

In our life, we bear the different kinds of pains at least once. Here, I’m not going to talk about the pain like stomach ache, headache, leg pain, etc., but the troubles, sufferings and miseries of one’s life. Most of us do not like to bear the pain before living a happy life, but we want a shortcut to reach it. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut or magic trick to have a happy life for you. I don’t mean that you need to do a lot of hard work to live a happy life, but there is a simple principle behind it, which I’m going to make you understand through a story.

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It’s a story about two stone statues.

One day, a stone statue maker brought two small stones from a riverbank for making a beautiful statue of a goddess. And he chose one of the two stones. He placed the sharp edge of a chisel and started hitting on the head of the chisel with a hammer. Gently, he was cutting out small and thin portions of the ongoing statue. 

The stone got hurt, and says, I am getting pain. The stone said to the statue maker. Please do it without suffering me.

Fine, I will try, but you need to tolerate the pain for a while, the statue maker replied.

And again, he started chiselling the stone. It was almost half of the stone turned into the statue already.

Hey, please hit the hammer gently, the stone shouted at him.

Ok, alright!

And again, he chiselled the stone, which was about to turn into a final piece.

Please stop it here, leave me alone, the stone shouted angrily.

And then, the statue maker kept the stone aside without completing it.

Now, he took another stone, which he brought it along with this stone. 

And he started chiselling the second stone. 

Are you getting hurt with this chisel? The statue maker asked the second stone.

No, go on as per your convenience, the second stone says.

Finally, the statue maker turned the second stone into a beautiful statue of a goddess. And he placed the statue on sale in his studio.

Next day, a goddess statue buyer comes there. And he purchased the statue. He was about to leave the studio for the temple he saw the stone laying on the floor that, was not fully turned into a statue of the goddess.

The buyer thinks that they can use the stone to break coconuts in the temple. So, he took the stone along with the purchased statue of the goddess.

The stone says, why are you taking me? I do not have any work in the temple.

The buyer did not say a word and just moved to the temple.

The buyer reached the temple and kept the statue in the temple. And he kept the stone just below the goddess statue.

After a few minutes, people started visiting the temple. They pray and worship the goddess statue. 

Each time, people took the stone and hit the coconut to break and offer to God. Now, the stone was annoyed and irritated.

When the stone and the statue got free time, they talk at each other. The stone told the goddess statue, we, made of the same stone, we are the same, but why are you there, and people worship you and not me. And people took me as a tool to break coconuts. It hurts me a lot.

The goddess statue says that you would be here in my place if you have already suffered the pains. The only difference between you and me that I suffered the pains already while the statue maker was making me a beautiful statue, but you did not bear the pains and asked him to stop it. Now, you will have to suffer in your whole life.

Our life will be happy and beautiful if we know the simple principles that we need to adopt it. We think bad when we are in troubles. We do not want to suffer for a moment also, but we want to live a successful life. There is no shortcut to a happy and successful life. Indeed, you might have gone through the life of successful persons in the world. They all have passed through the challenging times in their life. The troubles, obstacles and problems are the great engineers and designers of our life to give a proper shape to us. If there is no such pain, you do not know where is your fault or there will no value of living a happy and successful life. So, I think, you need to be responsible for your life and ready to bear the pains before you live a happy and successful life. Nevertheless, the choice is yours whether you want to suffer after or before, but you must have to. 

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