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Your words are priceless

 You get hurt often when someone abuses you; when someone insults you; when someone tries to suppress you badly. There are so many mediums that break your heart and bring you tears. I have also passed through such situations, and you might have been through it.

I want to share a small incident that occurred in my life. I used to work in a school, and everything was going okay. One day, we were having a casual talk with a few staff. And I made fun of one of the colleagues, who was not there. 

Next day, the staff told me on WhatsApp about the fun that who got insulted. I didn’t know how the colleagues got to hear the fun. It might be somebody told her. She was extremely angry with me. I tried to calm her down, but I couldn’t. We had the misunderstanding for a few months. I also got hurt by the fun. When she told me, I said to myself why I did so. I begged sorry to her, but she didn’t accept it inside out. At the end of the climax, I had to remove her from my contact list, and, social media.

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Words are the most precious tool in expressing our thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc., among us. It may build your relationship closer and faraway also. It may help you to bring happiness for you and someone else if you properly spend the words. It may bring to you sadness also if you can’t positively spend it.  It may end up your life if you want to spend it as a weapon to cheat someone else.

Did you ever notice? You can change someone’s feelings with your words. You don’t need to hit them with a stick to make cry. You insult them; abuse them; and so on. Isn’t the power of the words to make someone cry? You can also make the same person happy. You praise them; appreciate them; say something good about them; and so on. Isn’t the power of the words to make someone happy? 

Nowadays, we can watch prank videos on YouTube. I question myself what type of heart is given to us by God, which can be manipulated by our words. You might have seen in the prank video. Firstly, a prankster makes someone cry or angry by saying something which breaks their heart. The person who got pranked reacts to the prankster, recorded in the video. At the end of the video, the prankster told the person about the reality. It brings them a smile to their face. Instantly, they assume that it is a prank, and their mood will change automatically. See how the words can affect our feelings.

One day, I was taking an art class. There was a student who can’t draw a line also. He was very excited to learn to draw and making paintings. I knew he is not good at drawing; I knew, I should not say fake appreciation. However, I also started saying some appreciative words to him like you are doing good; it is beautiful; I like it; and the like. In a few months, he can draw simple pictures like fruits, animals, house, landscape, etc. But what would be happened? If I discouraged him; if I bullied him; if I did not appreciate him. He would not be able to draw those drawings. Finally, I came to know. I should not be strict; I need to appreciate the work is very important. We do not try to understand each other, but it is necessary.

Sometimes, what you say is 100 per cent correct, but your friend is not ready to accept it. Let your friend defeats you; it brings a smile to their face; that smile is your winning.

Our life is short; we have a limited time; we shouldn’t make our life hell; we need to love and appreciate each other. If you can speak consciously and precisely, you can build a community around you. You can earn a lot of listeners. But if you talk randomly and irrelevantly, your listeners won’t pay attention to your talk.

Words are priceless and most precious tool to explore the world of our feelings, emotions, expressions and imaginations. I know it has the power to build and destroy your trust. A bad combination of word formations is far dangerous than a grenade. It can blast the heart of your near and dear ones. Let us spend our words consciously and precisely; let us stop using those words as a grenade, gun, knife, sword, and any life-taking weapons; let us build our good community with those words; let us make our life blissful and enjoyable with those words. 

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