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Earn Money Online Top 5 Jobs 100% Genuine Income 2020

Easy to earn money online wherever you are but it is really hard to convince by yourself for keeping consistence at work. I know, you are looking for online jobs and you might have tried some websites. But you can’t earn your living. And I have experienced about it. 

Why do you fail at making money online? Most of you have made the same mistakes that you try to copy someone or you establish your business by looking at someone’s profit. 

I feel that we are a school of fish in a fishery tank, when the owner put feed in a corner of the tank, all the fishes swim to that corner to get it. And you also copy the same even you are a full of wisdom. So, you need to think a unique and peculiar thing which is not initiated by others and you must have consistence at whatever you do. 

Here, if you can’t keep the consistence at your work, I bow down my head and touch your feet, don’t waste your time trying to make money online. 

Making money online will be remained as dreams of million people around the whole world, but only some of them are making their living as a profession; some of them are working as part time for extra-income in order to run home; and most of them are trying to earn any amount online, but their efforts go in vain. So far, I have learnt that most of newly online money makers try for a few weeks or months, who are so hurry to get the success. There is no shortcut to make money online over a night if you want to do legally.

So, if you are ready to leap and learn how to make real money online, let’s dive in. Here are the three best tips and tricks to make money online.

1. Video Making

Video Making is one of the trending jobs in the present world. you can make videos for educational purposes, entertainments, business and other purposes. 

Educational Purposes: You can make videos based on teaching, especially courses like cooking, beautician, health, jobs recruitments, academic textbooks, IT & Software, Tours & Travels (Backpacks), Language teaching, and so on.

Entertainments: You have a great opportunity to create funny videos, short films, prank videos, story-telling, dance videos, music videos, etc.  

Business: To help others and to grow your business, make videos for Product Selling, Advertisements, Product Reviews, Consultation, etc.

Other Videos: You don’t any idea mentioned above, still you have opportunities to create videos on critics, analysis of other videos. You can download readymade many videos, take a clip from each video and then combine into a single video. You can add your critics, opinions or any point in that video.

For distributing videos: 

a) Topmost best way is uploading to YouTube. For enabling monetization on YouTube, you will require 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours within 12 months on your channel. Once it is enabled, you can link your YouTube channel with Google AdSense or if you can’t enable, you can monetize your channel with paid ads. YouTube Earning is completely depended on your subscribers and viewers and it is guaranteed that you can run your home with its earning. It can’t be achieved within a month or year. It might take more than one year to get monetized your YouTube channel.

 b) Second option, making educational videos or any video that is sellable. You can register at Udemy or any video retailer websites for free. You get paid to your account when your videos sold out through their websites and they will keep certain revenues per sale.

c) Third option, Facebook Page, you can monetize with Facebook ads but you must have more than 30,000 followers and a good post engagement along with video watch hours.

d) Other option, you can make videos for others on request or you can work as freelancer for video making; you can get register to fiver, PeoplePerHour, etc.

2. Blogging or Writing

One of my favourite ways for making money online is blogging or writing, which is highly flourishing over the internet. Blogging is a best way of sharing information to the world in written forms in any language. It requires a strong writing passion and interest in any niche.

Blog can be created on any niche like foods, travels, techs, product reviews, educations, beautician, etc. Here are some websites offer blogging and can be monetized with Google AdSense,, PropellerAds, Amazon Native Shopping Ads, Adversal, Skimlinks, Monumetric, InfoLinks, PopCash, PopAds, AdRecover, Bidvertiser, AdClickMedia, etc.: -

a) Blogger – - Completely free and lifetime access, however, if you want to make money through blogging, you need to invest a very little amount for buying a theme/template and domain name ( so that your blog looks professional and stunning, which lures the visitors come back for more.

b) WordPress – and – It is not free. You need to a lot of technical knowledge to create a blog but it is far better option than Here, you will have to buy website hosting, theme and domain name (URL).

c) Wix – – It is also paid option for blogging but it is quite easy than WordPress. Here, everything is drag and drop and very easy to edit. You can buy domain name, hosting and everything with Wix.

Writing is the hardcore and inevitable part of blogging, however, apart from blogging, if you are good at writing, you can write books like short stories, essays, articles, novels and self-publish your books online. Best option is Amazon Kindle, which offers you for free self-publishing and you can earn royalties when your books will be sold online.

You can work online as freelancers for content writing, copyediting, proofreading, etc. for this, you need to register on Fiver, PeoplePerHour, etc.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is also one of the strong and 100% guaranteed real income but it is not easy as making videos and writing blogs. It requires a huge knowledge for marketing and understanding of the customers. For this, you can a few micro websites on niche-wise. You need skills on making videos, writing posts and marketing social media funnels. There are many websites and eCommerce websites which offer affiliate marketing. Out of them, two best affiliate marketing websites are Amazon and Flipkart. You can visit the websites and sign up as affiliate marketers. if you don’t know, you will find a million of videos on YouTube that will you guide how to do affiliate marketing.

4. Product Selling

Product Selling is one of the highly demanded ways of making money online. If you are a shopkeeper, retailer, trader, etc. you can sell your product through online; there are two ways – first, you can be partner of eCommerce websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, Shopee, etc. and second, you can create your own websites in order to sell your products.

In case, you don’t have any shop or product to sell, but you want to sell someone products online and earn commission, you can do drop shipping. But it costs a huge amount of investments that you will have to build a website, purchase drop shipping API, integrate with your website and earn commission per sale. Drop Shipping is offered by Alibaba Drop Shipping.

5. Providing Services

If you don’t have knowledge on above mentioned ways of making money online, you can provide Services to others, which is booming in the present whole world. Here, nothing has to be sold out but you exchange your knowledge with money. I mean if you are teacher, speaker, priest, doctor, consultant, etc. – you can create a website and host online webinars after collecting fees; take online classes; prescribe medicines online; hosting podcast; and so on.


In conclusion, making money online is completely depended upon your passion and consistence at work. It can’t be achieved within a week or few months. It may take a year or more. But once, you are successful, your choice becomes far better than offline jobs. So, before jumping to online earnings, think twice-thrice and take a firm decision and do not keep any alternative because the alternative will not allow you to move ahead.

have a great day ahead. tell then see you on next post

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