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What would happen if human beings are desireless?


Really, it is strange to think about human beings are desireless, and we never quest ourselves in this matter. Life without desires is definitely meaningless to live on the earth. But, in case, if human beings are desireless, what would happen? Does the world run as we are experiencing at present? So, many questions arise in this matter. Conjecturally, I will depict the idea behind it.

1. Humans are so desirous and should be.

Every living being may have desires but not up to the desires, which is attributed by human beings. When a child takes his birth and start crying, he needs shelter to live, food to eat and clothes to wear. Indirectly, it is his desires, which is to be fulfilled by his elders. The child starts growing up with his surrounding or existing environment and learns more about human wants. Slowly, one day, he becomes an adult, who is shaped with the materialistic world, and conditioned to imitate to think and act as of others.

No one can imagine, a human without a single desire and shouldn’t be fallen in those lines. Humans are moving forward because of their desires, which enforce them to achieve what they want. Interestingly, everyone has not the same desires, varies from person to person, place to place and time to time. You can’t imagine, if everyone has the same desires, possibly, there won’t be rich and poor. The two terms “rich” and “poor” born because of desires,

apparently, separates between rich and poor among the mankind. In fact, it creates ecosystem of human linking and inter-connected for their desires. Thus, the world is running smoothly.

2. Link between human desires and emotions.

Human desires and emotions are truly inter-linked and inseparable under any circumstances. Desires have a strong power to control your emotions. For instance, if you have less desires, the more chance to bring smiles on your face, but it doesn’t help to cross the hurdles of your life. If you have more desires, the more chance to bring tears to your eyes, but it may lead to step towards the pinnacle of success in your life. 

A desire without any emotion is a person without any soul. Desires may be an ambiguous blueprint of what you want in your life and emotions may be an unpredictable reward of your desires because it depends upon how you apply the desires in the actual materialistic world.

If your desires get fulfilled, you will be happy inside and outside, but if not, you will be sad whether lightly or fully. You know, to be happy is not to be upon earthly things, but when you don’t get the most desired things, you can’t make your emotions happy, because it happens naturally.

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3. Corelation between necessities and desires.

Necessities should be given first priorities and then desires. You have learnt how the civilization of human beings took place. Here comes the thing that what is the necessity and the desire? For instance, every person needs food to eat, clothes to wear and shelter to live that is his necessity, but if the person adds his choice to those necessities, that is his desire.

And, if there is no desire, there won’t be perfection in every human work because a necessity doesn’t need perfection. However, there is no necessity, there won’t be desires because a necessity is a key of invention. When things come in this earthly world, it arouses human desires. Thus, necessities and desires are strongly corelated elements of our life.

4. Are human desires endless?

Certainly, it is and it has to be. If a person has limited desires, he can’t move forward and may be no contributions towards the world. You know, extremely, having more and more desires not good to live but up to a certain extend is really needed. Without desires living on the earth may be meaningless and it is impossible.

5. Can humans control their desires?

May be and may not be, humans can control their desires. Even if a person controls his desires, it is limited and up to a certain extend only. While controlling human desires, mostly taken the help of religions. When you balance your desires, your life will be balanced. 

6. Why human beings can’t be desireless?

I know, it is stupid to ask such question, but conjecturally, we can think and sometimes, we need to think, just taking our mind away from this world for a few seconds. It’s completely impossible for humans to become desireless, which is God’s creation. 

Basically, here may not be answer to his question. To my mind, if we are desireless, we may not be inter-linked at

each other in terms of emotions, feelings and the earthly relationship of mankind. Undoubtedly, it breaks the chain of human ecosystem that we are working for the needs of each other. 

7. Humans without any desires

Humans without any desires is the river without water, emotions without feelings, body without soul and so on. To my mind, if humans do not have any desires, there won’t be human life exists in this planet. Even if the life exists, all the humans are emotionless and may not be human civilization takes place so fast. If it is true, our life would be painless, sorrowless, suffering less, and may be this earth will be a paradise to live here.

Our life is short but the desires make it longer, because it creates a number of predicaments and adversities, which makes us to feel it longer to travel the adventure of one’s life. You might have experienced that your long happy moment will spend so fast which you don’t want but even if your short sad moment takes long time to spend.

I don’t mean that you always be sad, what I want to convey you that learn to live the problems, adversities of life, sad situations and so on. And the happy moment will be automatically reflected in your life.

8. Conclusion

In conclusion, humans cannot be desireless and shouldn’t be fallen in those lines. Human civilization, partially or fully lies in the human desires. Keep your desires under your control and live your life the way want.

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