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Never Stop Your Struggle

Life is not being always enjoyed and be happy, but there must be a sad part also, maybe your struggle, your sufferings, the challenging life that you need to bear at any cost. One who struggles in life can live a beautiful and happy life that sounds bitter to hear, but the beauty of life lies in it. The struggle may not be the same for you and me that leads us to our destination that may be you want to be a successful person or to be a simple and happy one. 

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I’m just going to share about the struggle of a flower that how it struggles to survive without the support of others when it requires in the extreme level.

Several kinds of flowers were blossoming in different colours beautifully and planted in the flowerpots hung and placed in the veranda of a house, which adds the beauty and scenery at all. And all the flowers were grown and taken care of by a girl, who is very passionate to take care of the flowers to add natural flavour to her house. 

Every day, she took the multiple photographs of the flowers and uploaded to her social media pages admired by her million followers with a million likes and comments. She was delighted with the flowers and took care of it in more details. 

One day, she was watering the flowers accidentally her eyes dropped at the leaf of a flower, which was being eaten by a caterpillar. She got hurt and called her mother. 

“Venessa, what happened?” her mother says while coming out of the kitchen. 

“Mom, look at here, a caterpillar is eating the leaf of this flower,” Venessa says while pointing the leaf of a flower. “It can eat all the leaves of the flowers. Do we have pesticide to kill it?”

“No, we don’t have it, you just pluck the leaf and throw it away.”

And Venessa plucked the leaf by squeezing her heart, crying inside out and threw it a little bit far away from her house. She thinks, now, all the flowers were safe and secure from the insects and pests. 

In a few days later, again, Venessa found that a caterpillar is eating another leaf of the flower. So, she plucked the leaf instantly and threw it away. Next day, she found an army of caterpillars is eating the remaining leaves of the flower. Again, she plucked it up and threw it away. Now, a few leaves of the flower remained with the stem. Gradually, the caterpillar destroyed the remaining leaves also. Now, she was hopeless that the flowers lost the beautifulness and were withered. Finally, she took the flower pot and threw it on a flat stone.

The flower pot was slightly broken. And the flower has only one leaf that also started eating by a caterpillar. There was no water and manure to survive the flower on the stone. Its roots came out of the pot and tried to remain alive. But its stem and the leaf got started withered and dry because of no water and manure.

The flower was struggling with only one leaf, was going to be finished shortly. It was very sunny and overheat, which killed the caterpillar, fortunately. Now, the flower got a chance to rebirth its new leaves and to grow as the earlier one. The roots came out of the pot and formed a strong intermingled net over the stone. It receives water through rainfall and winds.

An old woman was returning home from her duty passing by the stone, saw the flower blossomed on the stone beautifully and she took it to her home.

In conclusion, I want to say that you should not stop your struggle like the flower, you can live your life the way you want.

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